In preparation for our participation in our tripping program, each camper goes through our Pathfinders program. Participating on the trip in a meaningful way is vital in order to ensure that each camper gains the most out of their experience in the wilderness. In order to ensure that campers are ready for their trip, our Pathfinders instructors teach the fundamentals to ensure a successful experience.

Through Pathfinders, campers will learn about fire building, how to set up tents and other structures, and the importance of back country safety. This is all done in a fun and interactive way that really gets our campers in the frame of mind to go on their trips. The success of our Tripping program is due, in part, to the positive attitude of our campers and staff and Pathfinders starts each of them on the road to a successful and positive wilderness adventure. Campers who wish to go beyond the fundamentals have the opportunity to do so with advanced Pathfinders offerings such as Outdoor Cooking.

Our Pathfinders program also allows us to teach the principles of Leave No Trace. When our campers travel to North Star for the summer, they have the opportunity to leave the city behind and experience the pristine Northwoods of Wisconsin. When campers go on their trips, whether they’re venturing down rivers, hiking along Lake Superior or paddling through the waters of Quetico, they are exposed to something that is truly special. We feel that it is our duty to instill the values of stewardship of the land, teaching our campers the importance of leaving places better than you found them.