Typically grouped in with waterskiing, wakeboarding has really become a activity of its own. Wakeboarding is no afterthought, it has become a key part of our waterfront program. Because of the increase in popularity we hire staff who not only have wakeboarding experience, but also the knowledge and ability to instruct our campers. When campers come down to our waterski area, they have the option to select either wakeboading or waterskiing. Once a camper chooses, they are encouraged to focus on that area, though they are able to both waterski and wakeboard.

Recently we added wakeskating. Like to wakeboarding, wakeskating uses a similar board, however there are no bindings on the board. This adds an additional level of challenge to the activity and allows campers to develop their technical skills. We have a variety of boards for campers of all sizes and skill levels. As with waterskiing, we have a Malibu Wakesetter wakeboarding boat (with a tower), as well as a Malibu and a Mastercraft ski boat, which are able to easily pull any of our campers and staff.

A new addition for waterskiing and wakeboarding has been our cable system. This allows our beginner skiiers and wakeboarders to literally get their feet wet as they have their first experiences in the water. Before being pulled by our boats, campers are able to get comfortable in the water with an instructor at their side.