Post Camp Etiquette

pc3PETS: Post campers are not allowed to bring pets to North Star.

Campers wishing to bring specialized sporting equipment such as archery bows should contact camp to discuss appropriate transportation and storage. Firearms and weapons of any type, including concealed weapons are not allowed on camp property.

NORTH STAR IS A SMOKE FREE ENVIRONMENT!  There is no consumption of tobacco products anywhere on camp property. Please no use of candles or incense in cabins. Possession or use of illegal drugs of any type are prohibited on camp property.

We will provide beer and wine for our post campers that are 21 or older. Post campers may bring their own alcohol to consume during post camp. We ask that alcohol is consumed only by those who are of legal drinking age. We ask that post campers do not drink to excess.

If your young children are unhappy during mealtime or a quiet program and are making excessive noise, we ask you to be responsible and remove them. We will provide some children’s programming and we will ask that if you have young children under camp age that you attend with them to help supervise. Supervision during Post Camp is always the parents responsibility.

CARS: Please park your cars at the SENIOR VILLAGE PARKING LOT ONLY. We ask that you do not drive into camp unless necessary and at all times maintain a 7 m.p.h. speed limit. North Star is not responsible for damage done to cars while on North Star property

COMMUNICATIONS: There is a phone in the lodge for your use. Please limit the length of your calls since this is our only public phone. We ask that you not use the phone in the office without permission. Make sure that any incoming calls go to 715-462-3095. In case of emergencies or to leave messages, it is okay for incoming calls to go to our office number (715-462-3254). There is limited cell phone reception on camp grounds. Post Camp Etiquette Please consider leaving your laptops at home and enjoy your time at camp with your family. Our internet service is limited. If you are using camp’s internet computers, please be aware of others waiting in line.

EMERGENCY PROCEDURES: If there is an emergency in camp i.e. missing child, storm warnings, fire etc. we will sound our bell for one minute. Please report to the lodge as soon as possbile for further instructions. Please also instruct your children about our warning system. In the event of lightening take shelter. Do not stand under tall trees or on the athletic fields. Get off the water as soon as thunder is heard.