Post Camp Procedures

PC2 To Ensure a community spirit and safe atmosphere during Post Camp, we ask you to kindly read the following and share it with your children. We appreciate your compliance. For those of you new to North Star or a group camping experience, this is our attempt to gently acquaint you with Post Camp etiquette rules and regulations.

MEALS: We serve family style. We take turns being K.P.’s. If you are the K.P.(kitchen patrol), pick up the food at the window and indicate how many there are at your table. After everyone is finished eating, return uneaten food and then scrape the dishes with the spatula on the table. The uneaten food and napkins are to be placed on the top plate. Please separate the silver in the containers at the window. You may now pick up dessert. Again, we need a number. After everyone is finished with dessert, we ask that you take a rag provided in buckets in the inner lodge and wash the table. Our kitchen staff works long days, so we welcome you to relax after meals but not until the table is cleared. Our dishwasher is running and our help is waiting. Please inform us prior to Post Camp if your family has special
dietary needs or food allergies. Please stick around for announcements after meals. It’s our way to let you know what’s going on and help people share interests. It’s also a time that we can share important information with you.

Breakfast: 8:30 Lunch: 12:30 Dinner: 6:00 Happy hour: 5:00 (snacks beer, wine, soft drinks provided)

FACILITIES: Bathrooms and showers in both wash houses are coed. Please heed signs i.e.: when showering call in to shower to determine the appropriate gender and flip the sign when you go in. This might seem strange at first but folks seem to adapt fairly quickly. Ladies: Northwoods plumbing does not handle tampons very well, please put them in the trash. After a summer of hard wear, it is more than likely that some beds, screens, doors, etc., are in need of minor repair. Please let us know if this is the case. If you need any housekeeping materials such as brooms, dustpans, etc. see our caretaker Tom Brokaw.

LINENS: Families need to bring their own linens. Beds in most cabins have twin beds. Linens are available if your family is traveling to Post Camp by air.

MEDICAL CARE: We can not guarantee that we will have medical care or first aiders on duty during Post Camp. We will administer first aid and any services that we provide during our summer season if we have the staff available in Post Camp who are qualified, however we can not guarantee it. First aid supplies are available in our Health Center to our families however if medical care is required we will refer our Post Campers to our Medical Director in town. PLEASE INFORM US OF ANY FOOD ALLERGIES IN YOUR FAMILY OR ANY HEALTH ISSUES THAT WE SHOULD BE AWARE OF. If you are bringing another child with you make sure to get a signed release from the parents to treat that child in the event of an emergency. You should also be aware of any allergies to food or medicine and any medical conditions of the child. See our website for health history and release that is attached to the health form.

We have very limited cleaning staff so we all need to pick up after ourselves around camp and in the lodge where pop cans, newspapers, games, coffee cups, etc. may become a problem. Parents please take turns helping us keep the kids comer picked up.