Staff Spotlight – Nick Rubnitz

After three years as a camper at North Star, we’re excited to have Nicholas (aka Nick) Rubnitz join the North Star staff. Hailing from Chicago, IL, Nick is finishing up his sophomore year at Francis W. Parker High School. There he is on the varsity baseball team, playing center field.
He joins a great group of Counselors in Training. At camp you’ll find Nick instructing softball and other athletics.
More about Nick
Favorite special program at camp
– All Camp Capture the Flag
Your best memory of camp
– Coming back from Canada
Favorite Sports Teams:
 – All Chicago Sports teams besides the White Sox
What would you choose for your last meal:
– Tacos
If you could be any animal, what would you be
– a Lion
Your two favorite books
– Harry Potter 7 + Heat
A secret hobby or skill that you have
– a Monster at Wii Tennis
How has camp impacted you
– It has taught me maturity and responsibility.