Staff Spotlight: Scotty Hamilton

Scotty Hamilton is another of our great junior counselors who has been with us for quite a while. This will be returning for his eighth summer. Hailing from Northbrook, IL, Scotty is a junior at Glenbrook North High School where he is on the school’s on the track team. At camp, he’ll instruct archery and several athletic activities.
Like the rest of our junior counselors, its been great seeing Scotty move up through his camper years and become a staff member!
More about Scott
Favorite TV show: Parks and Recreation
The best place I have ever traveled to: Israel
Teams I Root For: The Cubs, Bears, Blackhawks, and Bulls
Favorite camp meal:  grilled cheese and tomato soup
Favorite spot at camp is: Council Ring
Favorite all camp program: Request Night
Earliest camp memory: J3 in 2005 when we went on the loft to try and find a way into Wanegan.
If I had a super hero power: super strength
The best Hanukkah present I have ever received: A drum set (the editors wonder if his parents felt the same way after the fact)
My preferred chicken nugget dipping sauce: honey mustard