Health Staff

One of the essential roles of our camp is attending to the health and safety of each of our campers and staff members. While prevention is essential, we also have a staff of individuals to provide medical care when necessary.We hire R.N.’s, GPN’s and experienced LPN’s to run our health center. We also hire a health assistant, typically a nursing student or an individual with some health care experience.


Our Health Center is wellness oriented and we have systems in place to deliver efficient services to our camp population. We work with a Medical Director in town who sees our campers when needed, and occassionally have volunteer doctors on site as well. Our nurse has private housing in our centrally located health center.  Our nurse is further supported by a first responder team of staff members who have advanced first aid training and respond in the event of an emergency.


Our health staff office hours three times a day for approximately an hour.  However if there are no campers to see our nurse is on call with a radio and free to enjoy the benefits of working at a summer camp.  We want our nurse to be out and about camp enjoying camp with our campers whenever possible.  Camp nursing provides a fun and interesting way to work in Pediatrics.  Salary depends on experience.  Nurses must be able to commit to a minimum 5wk contract to cover training and a 4wk. camper session.Read the Health Staff Job Description.