What It Takes

We truly believe that working at North Star will provide you with skills that will last you a lifetime. Your future employers are looking for people who know how to work well with others, deal with conflict and work as part of a team. Our staff leave camp having developed lifelong friendships, made lasting memories and learned a lot about themselves. Opportunities like this requires putting in a lot of energy and effort.

If you want to work at a camp because you think that it sounds like a ton of fun to spend the summer outdoors, teaching kids things like climbing and waterskiing, that’s a great start. It is vital that you enjoy working with kids. We are looking for individuals who are willing to dedicate themselves over the summer to the idea of creating a positive environment for the campers we serve. Each of our staff are role models and working at a camp means conforming to a lifestyle that is appoprtiate for children.

Living in a community does involve some degree of sacrifice during the summer. Work hours at camp are not typical and there may be some days when you have very little time to yourself. Working with others and living in close quarters means embracing a team concept.
There is no “one kind” of person that we’re looking for as it takes a wide variety of personalities to create a great staff. What we are looking for is people eager to work with kids and get the most out of their summer.