Staff News Update

DSC_2840After our summer ended, our staff headed off in all directions. Some went back to school, other began world travels. Here’s an update, so check out what our 2014 staff are up to!

– JOE CHRISTIAN is a sophomore at UW-Lacrosse where he is majoring in biology and joining ROTC program in the Fall. Joe will be playing on his club lacrosse team as well.
– SCOTT PLONSKER returned for his sophomore year at University of Illinois, where he is in the AEPi fraternity with Jonah Baim and Sam Friedland. Scott is studying business and is also in PGN, a business fraternity.
– NED SHASHOUA is a freshman at Northwestern University where he is studying chemistry. Before school started he traveled  with his dad to the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas.
– MARK HEMMERMAN headed off to travel all around the US. He met his sister on the West Coast to travel LA, Grand Canyon, and San Francisco. Than he’s headed to Orlando to meet Alex Holmes and traveled the East Coast with him. He returned to England, going back to school at the University of Hull for his Arts and Humanities degree, and he will started back up with lifeguarding and running his karate club.
– SAM BRICKER is a senior at Deerfield High School where he is the President of the Student Council. Sam will be playing tennis and going on a few college visits.
– ELI FRIED started as a freshman at the University of Central Florida where he will be studying Industrial Engineering.
– JACOB GUGGENHEIM started his PhD in Biorobotics at MIT.  He headed to DC for a week before moving to Boston. Jacob is planning on getting onto an IM Ultimate Frisbee and volleyball teams.
– ARI WEIL is at Pomona College where he is a freshman most likely studying International Relations. He hopes to keep biking and play some ultimate frisbee as well.
– MIKE SLAKIS returned to the University of Illinois for his sophomore year where he is studying civil engineering. He is in the Sigma Nu fraternity and is the Kitchen Manager there. Mike is also in Illini on Target, the shooting club at school. He plans to work at the rock climbing wall.
– MICHAEL BERGER is a sophomore at American University in Washington D.C, where he is studying political science and journalist. He continued his involvement in Students Helping Honduras as the director of recruitment, and will do a second trip there in the winter.
– IAN MICHELSON is a senior at New Trier. He’ll continue to play tennis to gear for up for the school season. He’s planning on going to the US Open in New York.
– ADAM CLOCH is starting as a freshman at Miami of Ohio where he is in thDSC_0068e business school. Cloch is looking forward to keeping his hockey skills fresh on the IM teams.
– HOLDEN GREENBERG began as freshman at Carleton College in Northfield, MN. Holden wants to continue his interests in Ultimate Frisbee and Shakespeare. Before heading off to school, he had a trip planned to Maine.
– JACK WALKER is in his sophomore year at the University of Southern California where he will study English. Before he left for school, he and his band the White Siberian Tigers played a few shows scheduled around Chicago and Champaign.
– NOAH BROUTMAN is inhis junior year at Deerfield High School where he is on the bowling team, Earthworks, and the stage crew.
– FOREST LEMON returned to the University of Arkansas for his Junior year, where he is studying mechanical engineering. Forest left from camp to go with his family on a week-long trip through the Boundary Waters. At school, he’s working as a lifeguard at the rec center on campus while also rock climbing and doing IM football and softball.
– ISAAC LASKO is moving to Boston to start as a freshman at Tufts University, after completing a gap year program in South America last year. Isaac is planning to follow a pre-med track. Isaac left camp a few days early and headed to Budapest and Berlin with his immediate family and a reunion with his extended family.
– ETHAN LEVY is in Madison where he will is a freshman at the University of Wisconsin. Ethan is planning to do intramural sports.
– BRAD MILLER is back at University of Wisconsin-Whitewater where he is a sophomore studying elementary education. Brad is on the Lacrosse team, which travels around the Midwest for tournaments.
– SPENCER REED is a senior at Loyola High School in Los Angeles, where he is going the Features Editor for the newspaper. Spencer is on the student council and the Crew team.
– PHILIP RASANSKY began his freshman year at Dartmouth. Before he headed to school, he helped his twin brother Parker move in at the University of Texas in Austin.
– JACOB ZIONTS is entering his senior year at Highland Park High School where he is involved in DECA and the debaDSC_2827te team.
– DANNY VERB returned to Tulane University for his sophomore year where he is studying business and computer science. He is part of the Hillel Leadership program and involved in his fraternity Zeta Psi.
– CHIP KASS is a freshman at Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT. Chip is studying economics and political science, and also hopes to keep up with theater and music. Chip headed to San Francisco with his grandpa before he left for school.
– JACOB BYCK is a senior year at Deerfield High School. Jacob is involved in DECA and devoting himself to his fantasy football team.
– NATHAN MARGRETT returned to school at University of Wisconsin – Lacrosse where he is a junior studying archeology and psychology.
– MAX SINTON is a senior at Deerfield High School where he will be participating in DECA and travel lacrosse. Fantasy football will also take precedent over most matters throughout the Fall.
– JONAH BAIM is back for his sophomore year at the University of Illinois where his a computer engineering major. He is also the athletics head of the AEPi fraternity and on the Illini volleyball team.
– ETHAN HANDLER is enjoying his senior year at at Glenbrook North High School. Ethan will be playing a lot of tennis and is on the math team at GBN. He is on the Student Advisory Board, and is also a Peer Group Leader under the tutelage of Linda Rosenblum (the daughter of Lou and Renee Rosenblum, who founded North Star).
– ZACH WEBER is a junior at Roycemore Academy. Zach continued teaching climbing in Evanston and Chicago. His family is planning a trip to Asia.
– DAVID GLASS is a senior at Highland Park High School. David is on the school sailing team and continues to play the piano as well.
– DYLAN DJ JACOBS is back at Bradley University for his final college semester. In December, DJ will graduate with a degree in Interactive Media with a minor in computer science, and is looking to design the next great Disney movie.
– ZACH SHAPIRO is in his junior year and Francis W. Parker School. Zach is playing shows through School of Rock and is participating in Model UN.
– CHARLIE STERRETT returned to the University of Illinois for his junior year. Charlie is studying political science. He is also the president of his fraternity Delta Chi and is a data analysis intern at the U of I Alumni Association. Charlie is also the co-chair of iHelp, the service wing of the Alumni Association.  Charlie is looking forward to competing in the Big Ten Classic Bass Fishing Tournament in October.
– MAX PASTAN is a junior at Proctor Academy. Max is going to be involved in their chapter of Future Business Leaders of America. After camp he headed to Arkansas to do some community service work with Kipp Academy. Max also played soccer in the Fall.
– ZACH WOODY WOODBURY returned to Western Illinois University where is a junior studying information systems and economics. He will continue on the bass fishing team and is now the web coordinator of the team.
– DANIEL LEVINE is a senior at Parker, and is working the Illinois gubernatorial campaign. Daniel is the copy editor of the school newspaper as well as a writer. This fall Daniel kept  playing tennis as well, preparing for the school season in the spring.DSC_2830
– ETHAN RANE is a junior at Stevenson, where he is part of the ultimate frisbee club and intramurals as well.
– ELLIOTT GOLDBERG is a junior at New Trier High School, where he is involved in the Track and Cross Country teams.
– BIRCAN MUSTAFA traveled to Indianapolis and Chicago after camp. He was hoping to check out Los Angeles as well. Upon returning home, Bircan began  working towards becoming a quadrant supervisor at Wembley Stadium. He also was able to take in the Falcons-Lions NFL game in London.
– SAM FRIEDLAND returned for his sophomore year at the University of Illinois, where he is living in the AEPi fraternity with Scott Plonsker and Jonah Baim. Sam is the philanthropy chair of AEPi while training for a half-marathon. Sam is writing for the satire newspaper on campus.
– AMANDA CHIN heading back home to Columbus, OH to spend a few weeks with her family. She is now working as a nurse in Indianapolis.
– CHAD PRATER moved to Minneapolis where he is teaching at the Twin Cities German Immersion School. Chad is teaching middle school math.
– CAITLIN PALGEN is in her senior year at the University of Illinois where she is studying nursing. At school, Caitlin spends her free time at the rock wall and is also hoping to work in a hospital at the same time.
– ROBYN KIRK is in Cincinnati where she is a teacher at Ohio Valley Voices. Before heading back,  she stopped in Minneapolis to reunite with some old friends.
– IKE NIERMAN is a junior at New Trier where he is a pole vaulter on the track team. In his free time he likes to spend time with his friends, play music and play basketball.
– MICHAEL PALGEN is a junior at the University of Illinois where he is studying actuarial science. Michael is the brotherhood chair for Sigma Nu and is working as a desk clerk in one of the residence halls on campus.
– JACOB LEHR is back at USC where he is a junior studying economics and international relations. Lehr Bear is leading trips for the Outdoor Adventures club at school. Jacob will continue to tutor and mentor through Troy Camp.
– NICK HILL is back at Indiana University, finishing his degree in Business and Outdoor Recreation. Nick will be finishing in December and is hoping to lead trips through the spring.
– JEFF PADESKY is in his senior year at Western Illinois University where he is studying Environmental Science, Geography and GIS. Jeff will also be running track, a member of the bass fishing team, and the ultimate frisbee team. Jeff is also beginning the WIU Hydroponics club.
– RICHELLE POISSON is back at American University for her sophomore year where she is studying education as well as Spanish and international relations. Richelle will also be continuing to work on behalf of Students Helping Honduras as executive board member. In her free time she works as a nanny as well.
– OLIVER ROCKMAN returned to Emory University in Atlanta for his junior year where he is in the School of Business. Oliver is also a writer for the Emory Wheel student newspaper and a member of the outdoor club.
– NICK KASLE headed back to High Point, NC for his junior year at High Point University where he is studying Physics. Nick is also on the club swim team at school.
– LUCAS KASLE is a freshman at Muhlenberg College in Allentown, PA, where he is following in his big brother’s footsteps and is studying physics. Lucas also intends to be on the swim club at school.
– STUART WRIGLESWORTH began his post-camp adventures by heading to Houston where he met up with a friend from University. After that, he headed up to Chicago, DC and New York. Stuart is in his final year at Manchester Metropolitan University of Cheshire. He’ll is the chairman of the rugby club and also of the surf and snow society.
– ALEX HOLMES  headed to Chicago where he stayed with his co-counselors Ike Nierman and Ian Michelson. From Chicago he headed to Champaign to visit the University of lllinois, and then he flew south to Orlando. After Orlando, Alex traveled to New York, Niagara Falls, and Washington DC. In September, Alex left the US for Hong Kong where he will is working for several months teaching personal development and outdoor education for kids.
– WILL HUNT – will be going to meet his parents in San Francisco and will be heading up to Yosemite as well. Then he will return home and volunteer at three different schools. Following that, he hopes to head to Africa where will lead a volunteer effort to teach youth sports.
– CHRIS McGARRY headed to New Orleans for a week to see his dad and show Beata the French Quarter. He then returned home to Davie, FL.
DSC_2838– CIARAN POLLOCK returned to Ireland where he traied for a charity boxing match. He started school back up again where he is studying Sports Management and Coaching.
– STRATTON SHOOK took a road trip to Seattle to visit his parents and see the Nationals play the Mariners. Then he attended a bachelor party for his high school friend. He is now traveling the world with Chris Rodriguez, first heading to China and then Vietnam.
– CHRIS RODRIGUEZ – stayed on at camp for a few weeks to help close up and do some improvements, before he headed back to Fort Worth to spend some time with his family and his new baby nephew. He’s in the midst of travels with tripper Stratton in Asia.
– BEATA TAKACOVA – is returned to Slovakia where she recently graduated from her university with a degree in English and French. She is hoping to work as a translator working to translate poetry with one of her professors.
– DANI VARGAS MONTERO returned to Pachuca in Hidalgo, Mexico where she is finishing up her schooling in Culinary Arts. Dani will be travelling to Playa del Carmen to work during her vacation.