The North Star Experience

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At North Star, we never lose sight of the fact that every day at camp should be fun. This creates a tight-knit and supportive community that develops confidence and independence. Camp is a great environment for experiential learning because it allows campers to grow in real-life situations. The most important thing we try to teach our boys is to do the right thing for the right reason.

North Star Camp is a premier residential camp for boys in Hayward, Wisconsin. Set on 120 acres, with 2.5 miles of beautiful Northwoods shoreline, North Star offers a rich variety of activities and experiences designed to stimulate the imagination and challenge the skills of boys ages 8 to 15. North Star is an accredited camp by the American Camp Association. Structured but not regimented, the North Star program reflects North Star’s philosophy of giving young people an opportunity to experience adventure in a friendly, welcoming pace away from the stress of everyday life. Our diverse program offers opportunities in athletics, water sports, creative arts, and adventure programming, and instills a sense of healthy competition through our Achievement Based Programming. Every camper also embarks on an age-appropriate wilderness trip with their cabin, which takes them canoeing or hiking through the scenic landscapes of Wisconsin, Minnesota or Ontario.

The North Star program develops these values by providing opportunities to practice decision making, self expression, team work and group living skills. Our staff are role models to our campers and help them stretch their imagination,gain self confidence, learn to respect individual differences and develop an appreciation for their environment.

Your son will return from his first summer at North Star raving about his new friends and new adventures, and he will come home a more confident, responsible, and compassionate young man. You will see the growth and maturity he gained from his North Star experience.