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Explore Summer Jobs At North Star Camp For Boys

We have a wide variety of summer positions available. Not every job at camp works directly with kids, so if you’re interested in spending your summer working in a fun, outdoor environment, a job at camp may be right for you. Whatever position you are interested in, however, you must be willing to live in a communal environment that puts kids first. We expect all staff to display child appropriate behavior.

Like any other work environment, we do have policies that we expect all staff to abide by. North Star Camp is a completely tobacco and alcohol free environment. While people are on camp property, smoking and use of all other tobacco products is forbidden. We also expect staff to abide by the 21-year old drinking age while on time off. No staff members are allowed to consume alcohol while on camp property. Piercings other than ears must come out for the summer.

Open Positions
Open Positions

Open Positions In Hayward, WI.

Counseling Staff

Most of the staff members that work at North Star Camp for Boys fulfill the role of cabin counselors. Each summer, we hire approximately 50 counselors to work directly with our campers. Counselors come in all shapes, sizes and personality types. If you want to spend your summer making a difference for kids, this may be the job for you.

Counselors fulfill two main responsibilities. The first is the cabin role. Each cabin or bunk at North Star Camp will have three counselors. The counselors will work together to create a fun, safe environment for the kids in their cabin. Counselors sleep in the cabins in their own “counselor quarters”. They also spend meal times with their cabin group, wake them up in the morning, put them to bed and spend other times during the day with their group. As a counselor, you will really get to know your campers, helping them have a meaningful summer. You will truly have the opportunity to serve as a mentor and role model.

The second role is as an activity instructor. We offer a diverse camp program and counselors serve as our instructors. During the day, when the campers in your cabin are out participating in their scheduled activities, you’ll be working as an instructor. As an activity instructor you don’t have to be an expert, you just need to have skills and a desire to help kids learn.

Click the job title below for the full Cabin Counselor & Activity Instructor job description.

Wilderness Staff

As part of our wilderness trip program, every cabin group at North Star Camp for Boys goes on either a canoeing or hiking trip. We hire Wilderness Trip Leaders to go on all of our trips. Trip Leaders are often known as those guys who spend most of the summer sleeping in tents. Being a trip leader is about canoeing and hiking with our campers, but it’s much more than that. Before each trip goes out, you’ll get to know the group that you’re leading. You’ll plan a menu, pack out food and equipment (all from our trip shack) and help your group get ready before heading out. Trippers also help care for and organize our equipment.

During the trip, your main responsibility is to create a safe and healthy experience and connect our campers to the outdoors. We are looking for mature people who have good decision making skills to help make sure that our campers and staff members are kept safe. Each Trip Leader is put through an eight day Wilderness First Responder (WFR) course to ensure that they can provide emergency care in the back country. We also put our trip leaders through a lifeguard course. North Star Camp for Boys covers the cost of these expensive certification courses.

Trip Leader candidates should have significant experience in outdoor tripping. The majority of our trips are canoe trips, but we also have hiking, climbing, and other trips. Trip Leaders should love the wilderness but also relish the opportunity to work with campers and staff in the outdoors. This is a great opportunity to impact young people and potentially turn them onto a lifelong love of camping and outdoor adventure. Out trip leaders have had a significant impact on our campers.

Click the job title below for the complete Wilderness Trip Leader job description.

Health Staff

One of the essential roles of our camp is attending to the health and safety of each of our campers and staff members. While prevention is essential, we also have a staff of individuals to provide medical care when necessary. We hire R.N.’s, GPN’s and experienced LPN’s to run our health center. We also hire a health assistant, typically a nursing student or an individual with some health care experience.

Our Health Center is wellness oriented and we have systems in place to deliver efficient services to our camp population. We work with a Medical Director in town who sees our campers when needed, and occasionally have volunteer doctors on site as well. Our nurse has private housing in our centrally located health center. Our nurse is further supported by a first responder team of staff members who have advanced first aid training and respond in the event of an emergency.

Our health staff hold health checks (office hours) three times a day for approximately an hour. During other times throughout the day, if there are no campers to see, our nurse is on call with a radio and free to enjoy the benefits of working at a summer camp. Camp nursing provides a fun and interesting way to work in pediatrics. Salary depends on experience.

Click on a job title below to learn more about a specific Health Staff job.

Support Staff

When people think of working at a camp, usually they think about the counselors, who work directly with the kids every day. There is a lot that goes into running a camp and to have a successful summer we need to hire great people to work in our kitchen, on our maintenance staff, and in other areas as well. If working at a camp sounds like fun, this may be the right job for you. While you will not be working directly with campers, everyone we hire needs to be willing to live in a communal environment, want to work as part of a team and also display behavior that is appropriate for a child centered environment. Here are some of the positions we offer:


North Star Camp for Boys offers an abundance of activities and events, making it a truly remarkable and memorable childhood experience. We are in search of skilled professionals to help create and capture these moments. If you’re a skilled photographer or videographer looking for scenic locations and an entire summer’s worth of opportunities to expand your portfolio, this may be the job for you! Or, maybe you are a creative talent with a passion for the arts and teaching the next generations. Skilled tennis pro? We are in need of coaches and trainers to teach private tennis lessons. Expand below for details on our available specialist positions!  

Administrative Staff

Our office staff help to ensure that camp is always running smoothly. Between being a point of contact for directors, staff, parents, and campers to planning fun activities for our day campers, administrative staff have the opportunity for a fun, and fulfilling summer job. Looking for a summer internship? Our office jobs allow you to enjoy the great outdoors, while gaining real-world experience and internship credit. 

Open Positions
Open Positions
Open Positions
Open Positions