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Summer Camp Activities For Boys In Hayward, WI.

The North Star Camp for Boys program offers a well-balanced variety of summer activities. Each camper has his choice of extensive athletic, waterfront, adventure, and creative arts activities. There is something for everyone!

What sets North Star Camp for Boys apart is our fully elective-based program. We allow campers to choose their activities each week as opposed to assigning them by cabin or age group. This allows the campers to be in full control of their camp experience, giving them the ability to explore new activities and interests as well as develop more skills and passion for previous favorite activities.

At the beginning of each week, each camper receives an activity sign-up sheet and is asked to choose ten activities he wants, ranking them 1–10 in order of preference. Our program director takes all of our camper requests and creates a unique schedule of six activities for each camper based on his preferences. The camper will attend three of those activities during the first three-day rotation of activities and then the other three activities during the second three-day rotation.

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A camper bumps a volleyball during a game at North Star Camp for Boys.
A group of North Star Camp for Boys campers hold hands while jumping off the dock into Spider Lake.
Campers align their bows and arrows during an archery activity at North Star Camp for Boys.
A camper climbs up a rock wall at North Star Camp for Boys.