Talking about money can be tough, so we’d rather let you know up front how much you’ll be making. We know that you’ll be able to find other summer jobs that pay more, however when you consider the entire compensation package that camps offer, you’ll find that come the end of the summer, you’ll likely end up taking home about the same pay at a camp job as you would working at home.

Your compensation package includes:

    • Summer Salary
    • Lodging (No rent to pay for the summer)
    • Food
    • Travel Expenses (We’ll reimburse you for gas or book you a plane ticket to camp. International staff cover the cost of their travel to camp, but receive additional compensation to help cover those costs.)
  • Certifications, including life guard training, CPR, First Aid, belay, and more.

Base pay for a Senior Counselor that just finished their freshman year in college (or equivalent age) is $2050 for the summer. That rate goes up incrementally for older college students and those no longer in college.

Trip Leader starting pay is $2450. We pay for Trip Leaders to take Wilderness First Responder certification and Life Guard training. Trip Leaders with WFR will receive an additional bonus and those with previous trip leading or work experience may be paid at a higher rate.

Specialty support staff such as health staff and cooks are paid a weekly salary depending on their qualifications and experience.

Please note, our International Staff are subject to the terms laid out in their agreement with their placement agency, which applies both to salary and travel reimbursement.

There are additional opportunities to work before and after the official start and end dates of camp for additional salary.

We think that you’ll find that our salary is extremely competitive in comparison to other camps.  You may find that other typical summer jobs will pay more, but your costs working at camp are limited to what you spend on days and nights off. Many of our staff members spend a lot less than they would if they spent a summer back at home. You’ll see that you leave camp with most if not all of your salary!

More importantly, a job at the local fast food restaurant or retail store won’t be nearly as fun nor will it provide you with the core competencies that North Star will. Being a camp counselor is a great resume builder as well as a networking opportunity.