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Under the guidance of our skilled and experienced instructors, our tennis program offers exceptional instruction to campers of all skill levels. Whether they are newcomers with no prior playing experience, or seasoned players who represent their school’s tennis team, our instruction caters to campers’ individual needs. Our philosophy is built around specific objectives, enabling beginners to focus on the fundamentals and gradually progress to more advanced forehand and backhand techniques. To keep the learning process enjoyable, our instructors employ a wide range of fun exercises that help campers grow as tennis players. For our most advanced players, we have several program options tailored to challenge and refine their skills, with opportunities for both singles and doubles play on our five tennis courts. 

The quality of our program is reflected in our exceptional instructors, many of whom were once campers themselves, and honed their tennis skills at North Star Camp for Boys. For those seeking extra coaching, we offer one-on-one tennis lessons with a Tennis Pro, available at an additional fee. Even campers who do not opt for these private lessons benefit from the Pro’s expertise, as he works directly with our tennis staff, elevating the overall tennis experience for all participants. 

In addition to focused training, our campers also get to compete in two exciting tennis competitions: The Northwoods Tennis Tournament and our Bi-Camp competition, providing them with a chance to showcase their skills and sportsmanship among their peers. Beyond formal competitions, there are plenty of opportunities for open tennis play during our organized free 5th period, and at other designated times. Our tennis program offers a comprehensive and enriching experience for every camper, helping them develop into more skilled and confident players. 

A camper at North Star Camp for Boys smiles and holds up a tennis racquet.
A camper prepares to swing a tennis racquet at an incoming ball during a tennis lesson at North Star Camp for Boys.
A camper stands close to the net as he prepares for the next move from his opponent during a game of tennis at North Star Camp for Boys.
A camper gets ready to hit a tennis ball at North Star Camp for Boys.
A camper jumps in the air to spike a tennis ball at North Star Camp for Boys.