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Waterskiing & Tubing

Waterskiing and tubing are at the center of the waterfront program at North Star Camp for Boys. These are consistently amongst our most popular camp activities and it is easy to see why. Our experienced instructors take the time to work with our youngest campers, helping them get up on two skis. As campers improve they learn various tricks: how to drop a ski, how to dock start, and how to slalom.

Our Malibu Response, Malibu Wakesetter, and Mastercraft are top notch boats and are ideal for pulling our campers. We have a variety of water skis that meet the needs of all of our campers. Beginners have several wider skis that help them get out of the water and learn balance. More experienced campers can choose from our slalom skis.

When campers go down to our ski area, they also have the opportunity to wakeboard, wakeskate, or kneeboard. We also have tubing on cabin cruiser days, one of the real highlights of the summer!

A new addition for waterskiing and wakeboarding has been our cable system. This allows our beginner skiers and wakeboarders to literally get their feet wet as they have their first experiences in the water. Before being pulled by our boats, campers are able to get comfortable in the water with an instructor at their side.

A camper smiles as he slalom waterskies through spider lake, leaving a fountain of water in his trail at North Star Camp for Boys.
A young camper wearing water skis sits in Spider Lake while holding onto a tow rope, as he is gently pulled through the water during a waterskiing lesson at North Star Camp for Boys.
A camper leaves a wave-like trail in his path as he waterskies through Spider Lake at North Star Camp for Boys.
A camper smiles and waves as he holds onto a tow rope while waterskiing through Spider Lake at North Star Camp for Boys.
A camper smiles as he navigates slalom waterskiing, leaving a fountain-like burst of water behind him in Spider Lake at North Star Camp for Boys.