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Theater & Improv

For the performers of the bunch, North Star Camp for Boys’ theater and improv classes are fun ways to learn skills and techniques for performing on stage when the lights are shining the brightest. Many of our staff members participate in plays, musicals and improv back home and share their passion and expertise with the campers.

Many of our campers interested in performing also try out for the Camp Musical, usually an adaptation of a famous movie or play that has been re-written with a camp theme.

Two campers at North Star Camp for Boys dressed in large hats and costumes participate in a theater improv activity.
Two campers at North Star Camp for Boys dressed in Winnie the Pooh onesies showcase their juggling skills during an improv activity.
Campers at North Star Camp for Boys stand on stage in a log cabin while participating in a theatrical performance.
A camper at North Star Camp for Boys performs during a theater improv activity holding a pamphlet entitled "Guess the Country Silhouette".
A group of campers wearing various costumes including a Scooby Doo onesie, an oversized suit, and sunglasses participate in a theater play at North Star Camp for Boys.