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Namekagon-St. Croix Rivers Wilderness Trip

The Namekagon-St. Croix river is the first multiple night trip in our progression. For campers who have been at North Star Camp for Boys and taken a previous trip, the Nam-St. Croix is a great next step and lets campers put to use the skills they’ve already learned. For younger campers, this three day / two night paddle excursion still provides a great first experience paddling and camping. Campers will encounter a few smaller rapids on the Namekagon-St. Croix. There is also a wide variety of wildlife that campers may spot on the river. Groups stay at remote campsites that have water and outhouse style toilets.

From trip to trip, you can see how our progression starts to work. Campers work their way up the ladder of the trips that we offer. We start campers off at camp teaching them canoeing skills and wilderness knowledge as all campers must participate in these activities before going out on their first trip. Each is an appropriate entry level trip for campers of their age who have been taught the skills to be in the outdoors. As campers return to North Star Camp, they go on new trips that have added challenges which keeps the tripping experience exciting and rewarding.

A group of campers and staff members at North Star Camp for Boys smile for a photo on the shoreline during a Wilderness Trip.
Canoes stacked and stored away at North Star Camp for Boys.
A group of campers and staff members from North Star Camp for Boys sit in a circle around a campfire on the lake shoreline.
Two boys sit on a dock and look out at Namekagon River during a wilderness trip at North Star Camp for Boys.
A camper paddles in a canoe through the Namekagon River during a North Star Camp for Boys wilderness trip.