Preparing for Camp

In the spring we will have several forms that we need you to fill out. You can access forms by logging into your CampInTouch account. After you log in, click the “Forms and Documents” link, where you will see a list of forms that are necessary to fill out as well as their due dates. All forms are due by May 1st.

In March, all parents will be emailed Spring Checklist which will help walk them through the individual forms that need to be filled out. Please note that even though you may have completed these forms in years past, we do need updated information which will help us best meet the needs of your son. If you have any difficulties accessing or completing forms, please let us know so we can help.

The more comprehensive Preparing for Camp Info Packet will both help you prepare and answer many of the questions that you have about camp. Even for our returning families, it’s important that you read through some details on preparing for the summer, initial travel details and life at camp. This packet also addresses some important camp policies that we need your help with.

To learn about our year-round leadership team and who to contact if you have questions as you prepare for camp, please check out this helpful infographic!

Below are some links and other resources to help you prepare for camp

  • Our Packing List should serve as a guide to help you pack your son for the summer.
  • Parents of first time campers, please take a look over the New Camper Handbook and Homesickness Tips for First Time Campers. These articles on Sending a New Camper and Dealing with Homesickness will also help you prepare for the summer.
  • Prior to camp, every camper will need to read and agree to the North Star Code of Conduct by signing the document in CampInTouch. Additionally, they should review the Social Media Guidelines which they will need to adhere to before and after camp.
  • If your son is traveling to camp from a city other than Chicago or Milwaukee, read over our Travel Details which will explain our transportation procedures, the airlines Unaccompanied Minor programs (necessary for most campers), and other tips to help you book flights.
  • If your son is a Pine Manor Camper (current 9th grader) please read the Pine Manor Trip Guide, which includes a packing list for the Canadian, details on that trip as well as our end of summer Duluth Car Trip.
  • If your son is traveling via airplane to camp, we highly recommend that you partner with TravelOne. For a nominal fee ($25), they will help you with travel issues or re-scheduled flights much easier than the airlines.
  • ShipCamps is a great way to ship your camper’s luggage to and from camp for those flying to camp. Full instructions for using ShipCamps can be found here. If your family is not traveling by bus in Chicago where we will have a U-Haul for luggage, we highly recommend using ShipCamps to ship your gear.
  • Cancel for Specified Causes Insurance is included in the cost of tuition! Click Here to read the details of the policy.

Emails Preparing for Camp

As camp approaches, we periodically send out emails to help our parents prepare for camp. Some of those emails are before many of our campers enroll for the coming season. So whether you’re looking to catch up on emails that you may have missed or if you are trying to track down an email that you deleted, this should help: