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Counselors-In-Training Program

After completing 10th grade and having completed eligibility as a camper, many former North Star Camp For Boys campers apply to join the staff for the first time as Counselors-In-Training (CIT). CITs live in camper cabins with their co-counselors and teach activities throughout the day. They will help plan special events, village activities and evening programs and contribute to the spirit and culture of camp. CITs are expected to be exemplary role models, putting the needs of their campers above their own.

Benefits of Being a CIT at North Star

  • Hands-On Training Program – CITs receive frequent feedback and advice from the CIT Director, experienced educators and mentors, Village Directors, other counselors and Camp Directors to help them grow and learn valuable life skills
  • Chaperoned Time Off – 1 day and 1 night off per week
  • Opportunity to Shadow Key Staff and Function Areas of Camp – CITs spend time during the summer shadowing staff in key function areas (maintenance, health center, office, kitchen and the program office) and members of the leadership team to get a wide angle view of how camp functions and a better understanding of how decisions impact the entire camp community
  • CIT Trip – Along with the CIT Director, CITs will go on an educational tour of other camps in the Northwoods to learn how camps are managed behind the scenes
  • Professional Development – Besides developing skills that will benefit them in future endeavors, North Star is committed to connecting CITs to alums for networking purposes, as well as providing insights and advice on writing cover letters, resumes and applying for jobs

Skills North Star CITs Develop In The Program

  • Communication skills with people of all ages (campers, co-counselors, supervisors)
  • Time management skills by balancing many responsibilities at once
  • Learning how to receive feedback
  • Staying calm in stressful situations
  • Conflict resolution skills when dealing with challenging behaviors and unique situations
  • Leadership and planning skills via multiple opportunities to take the initiative organizing special programs and events
  • Collaborating in a team-oriented environment
  • Personal growth and maturity
  • Interpersonal and workplace skills that will benefit them in future jobs and relationships

Mission Statement

The North Star Counselor-In-Training program is an experiential vocational training program where young adults use their experience working as camp counselors and teaching activities to develop interpersonal skills that will help them in future endeavors including communication skills, problem solving (conflict resolution), leadership and learning how to work as a team.

Key Differences Between being A Camper and a CIT 

  • CITs must attend staff orientation and training
  • Participate in weekly staff meetings
  • Spend time off out of camp
  • Put the needs of their campers before their own

Key Differences Between A CIT and a Junior/Senior Counselor 

  • CITs have an in-camp time off curfew at 12 AM
  • CITs have a reduced schedule of assigned activity periods
  • CITs cannot be supervise a cabin alone and will not be lead instructors at a program

Application Process

CIT applications open in late October. Interviews will be conducted with a Camp Director and acceptance decisions will be made in early December.

A group of four high school-aged boys smile for a picture at North Star Camp for Boys. One has his arm around the other, and the other two are leaning in.
A North Star Camp For Boys camper smiles as he shows off his newly finished rocket.
Two elementary-aged campers smile with two camp counselors at North Star Camp for Boys.
A group of North Star Camp For Boys campers and staff pose for a picture on the athletic fields.