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Counselors-In-Training At North Star Camp for Boys

After completing 10th grade and no longer eligible to attend camp as a camper, many former campers return to North Star Camp to join the staff for the first time as Counselors-In-Training. North Star Camp’s CITs live in a cabin just like other counselors and assist on the program, teaching activities and helping run special events. As a group, CITs typically will organize Evening Programs or a Friday Night Service. CITs are huge assets to the camp staff because they understand camp and bring a ton of camp spirit to the campers.

CITs receive a lot of support throughout the summer from North Star Camp’s directors and weekly meetings with the CIT Director. While CITs are excellent role models for campers, the program is designed to help them develop important life skills that will benefit them in future endeavors. CITs learn leadership skills, communication skills, time management skills, conflict resolution skills, and will experience personal growth and maturity during their CIT summer.

A group of four high school-aged boys smile for a picture at North Star Camp for Boys. One has his arm around the other, and the other two are leaning in.
Two campers wearing animal themed onesies participate in a theater performance at North Star Camp for Boys.
Two elementary-aged campers smile with two camp counselors at North Star Camp for Boys.
Two campers at North Star Camp for Boys read a speech from a piece of paper.