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North Star Games

North Star Games is a day during the Second Session where campers and staff are split into four teams named for constellations. The day starts off with a village-based leg wrestling competition and ends with log rolling and a Senior Village sudden death water polo match at swim point. In between, every camper competes in four activities from traditional land sports to water-based relay races to North Star Camp for Boys traditions like “Polaris Ball” or speedball. The energy and spirit of North Star Games is unmatched!

Five North Star Camp for Boys campers all look in the same direction while in a canoe on Spider Lake. The camper in the back holds an ore, while the four other campers have their hands in the water.
Two campers run while their peers sit in the sidelines watching them race at North Star Camp for Boys.
Campers wearing body paint run in a single file line for United Nations Day at North Star Camp for Boys. The leader is carrying a flaming torch.
A camper wearing body paint lights a flame using a torch at North Star Camp for Boys.
A camper runs for an airborne green ball while other campers run alongside him and watch his next move during a game of Speedball at North Star Camp for Boys.