Typical Day

In reality, there is no such thing as a typical day when you spend your summer at camp. Every day provides  opportunities to help campers accomplish something new, to create a new tradition or do something totally random. Throughout the summer we have lots of different special programs and unique activities that help make camp special.

For our counselors, it is important to understand the structure that we’ve put in place. Our campers are at North Star for four or eight weeks, and while that may seem like a long time, it flies and we want to make sure that we are providing our campers every opportunity to participate in the activities that they love. Once a week our campers are given a new schedule of activities, which they select. Our week is split into two halves, with campers participating in three instructional periods each day for three days, before participating in three more during the second half of the week. The seventh day is a cabin “Cruiser Day”.

Counselors will help wake their cabin up and eat breakfast with them. Following breakfast, everyone goes back to their cabin for a quick cabin clean-up. We have two instructional periods between breakfast and lunch. During this time, each counselor is assigned to work in an activity area that they are able to teach or assist. As an instructor, you’ll be teaching campers from several different cabins. You’ll get back together with your cabin for lunch and rest period. In the afternoon we have three additional periods, one more instructional period, a period of large or small group games, followed by an organized free period, where we open many of our activity areas. Dinner is spent with your cabin. Our evening program varies depending on the day of the week, and includes things like camp fires, all-camp capture the flag and other large and small group activities. Counselors report back to the cabin to help put their campers to bed once evening program concludes.

Counselors assignments vary and there are many days when you will have time off. Additionally, counselors get one full day off (8am – 1am) per week during the middle six weeks of the summer along with one night off (6pm-1am) per week.