Special Programs

North Star offers a wide variety of special programs, which provide the opportunity to create amazing memories at camp. Many of our special programs have been a part of the North Star program for years. Some of these even date all the way back to North Star’s founding in 1945. These programs help create the strong sense of community at North Star, and give every summer a sense of continuity.

Other special programs are great new ideas that have been brought to camp by a camper or counselor. New special programs start as great ideas and breathe new excitement into the fabric of the North Star experience. We have such a unique and imaginative staff and utilize our special programs as an opportunity for our staff to use their creativity to add to the camp program.

Some special programs encompass an entire day, while others may take place during an evening program or over the course of an afternoon. We make sure that we’re infusing both sessions with different activities so that each session has its own, unique feel.

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