Testimonial #2

I don’t even know where to begin. North Star has impacted our family for two generations. Noah’s Dad, Steve was a camper at North Star back when Leb was the owner. And Steve was so happy that he could share North Star with Noah.

Noah is an only child. So North Star offered an opportunity for Noah to get some real independence. The chance to be on his own and learn to take care of himself in a super safe environment. And I know it worked well. Every summer Noah comes home with more and more self-confidence. The counselors have been such strong role models and I know that he looks up to them. Noah also gets to test the limits of his own abilities doing all the activities North Star offers, all things that he wouldn’t be able to do on his own in Chicago. Aside from the physical activities, he has learned to form very strong relationships with kids from all over the country and the suburbs of Chicago. People he would never have met, now he has lifelong friends. It’s such a special place- memories he’ll have forever.

I truly believe that the greatest gift that Steve and I will ever give Noah are the 6 summers he spent at North Star. I hope it works out that he can experience another chapter at North Star – We will always support the mission of North Star and hopefully, Noah can send his son, to make it 3 generations! (I am also trying to convince my brother to send my nephew who is also an only child to North Star. They live in a suburb of Atlanta. I want my nephew to experience the gift that is North Star too!)

Thank you, Andy and staff, for providing Noah with the greatest summers of his life!

-Melanie G. Mother of sixth year camper