Children and Learning

“Talk to gifted scientists, writers, artists, entrepreneurs. You will find they learned like a Yanomami child learns, through keen observation, experimentation, immersion, freedom, participation, through real play and real work, through the kind of free activity where the distinction between work and play disappears. Talk to a really good auto mechanic, carpenter, farmer, fiddle player, web designer, film editor, songwriter, photographer, chef, and you will find they learned the same way.”

-Carol Black. “A Thousand Rivers. What the Modern World has Forgotten about Children and learning.”

At North Star, we understand that our campers are different. They learn, make friends, and have fun in different ways, and no one way is better than another. Our counselors get to know their campers so they can help them make the most out of the experiential learning space that is camp. Whether they are learning how to fold their clothes or rig a sailboat, campers at North Star are able to learn in a way that makes that most sense to them.

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