A Typical Day

daily-schedule2Every day at North Star is broken down into five periods. The first three are instructional project periods that campers have scheduled for the week. These hour and fifteen minute periods are used to learn skills, gain experience and allow campers to build confidence in areas that they want to thrive in. At the beginning of each week, every camper puts together his own schedule for his instructional activity periods. Campers are given a new schedule of six activities, broken into two 3-day blocks, based on their requests. Visit the Activities Page for information on the many program choices and how our campers select their schedules.Fourth period varies each day and will either be a small or large group game, all camp activity or fun and innovative one hour activity. This is often a time when we have our regular Green-White competitions and cabin challenge games.Fifth period is what we call “organized free”. This is a structured free period when most of our program areas are open to the campers. During this time our entire waterfront is open and there are additional “pickup” athletic games for campers to participate in.Evening programs may see the entire camp participating in an all-camp activity like capture the flag, North Star ball, or other fun games. We also have all-camp and village camp fires and other great, unique activities.

While that structure fills six days of our weeks at camp, the seventh is cabin “Cruiser Day.”Cruiser Day is when the cabin spends the entire day together, having planned ahead of time their schedule of events. With access to all the camp programs and equipment, the campers and counselors of every cabin put to use their creativity as they come up with their Cruiser Day schedule. These days are filled with endless possibilities including but not limited to scavenger hunts, tubing, waterskiing, trips to the local resorts, team building activities, cabin challenges, slip-and-slides, pie-eating contests, and sports tournaments. The campers also have access to all of the regular camp activities to fill this fun day.

Each Cruiser Day culminates with a cookout meal. Campers use their learned wilderness skills to prepare a meal over an open fire, feasting on camp favorites like tin foil surprise and banana boats. These evenings help to create teamwork within the cabin and strengthen bonds between the campers as they work together to prepare their cookout, collect wood, build a fire, cook the meal, and handle the cleanup.

Once per session, each cabin will take an out-of-camp trip with their village for Cruiser Day. This may include a trip to the local water park, beach or mini-golf course.

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