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Visiting Weekend

Visiting Weekend will occur over changeover weekend between first & second sessions. For this year’s Visiting Weekend date, see our Dates & Fees page with session information. 

While most visitors will be for our 8-week campers, some first session camper families choose to come for Visiting Weekend too. Parents, grandparents, guardians, and siblings are all welcome at Visiting Weekend, but please leave your furry friends at home (no pets allowed).

Here is the approximate schedule for Visiting Weekend:

  • Friday Night – Visitors may arrive at 7 PM. Your camper will find you once they finish dinner. After gathering around the flagpole, we’ll all head up to the Council Ring for our weekly Friday Night Service. Our Friday Night Service is a calm, reflective time where we sing songs, participate in readings on that week’s camp value and enjoy the sunset on Clear Lake. We ask that visitors with young children are respectful of those around them who are enjoying the reflective nature at the Friday Night Service. Visitors will depart camp around 9 PM so that all campers can return to their cabins for a final candlelight ceremony to end first session.
  • Saturday – At approximately 9 AM after first session campers have departed, visitors may come back into camp. At this time, campers and their visitors are welcome to tour around camp, participate in some open activities and enjoy a picnic lunch. In the afternoon (or anytime before), 8-week campers may depart camp with their visitors to enjoy a day in town. Campers stay out of camp on Saturday night with their visitors.
  • Sunday Morning –  Between 9 AM – 9:30 AM, visitors will drop off the camper at a designated meeting point in Hayward.

First session campers who are traveling home with their visitors will depart for home on Saturday morning. Their gear will be packed up so they are ready to leave once first session buses roll out. 

A father and son embrace while enjoying a campfire at North Star Camp for visiting day weekend.
Parents reunite with their camper on Visiting Weekend at North Star Camp.

tips for visiting weekend guests

Make sure you book a hotel soon as there are limited options in town and they fill up quickly! For hotel and restaurant suggestions, please visit our Area Info & Lodging page.

While campers love to enjoy soda and candy over visiting weekend, we ask parents not to bring food and drinks back into camp. Campers in the past have had allergic reactions to food brought in by visitors on visiting weekend. Food and drinks can also lead to rodents in the cabin. Additionally, it puts our staff in a difficult situation as they are expected to enforce our policies which includes that outside food is not brought into camp. 

If you have any other specific questions, email our office team who are more than willing to help!

North Star Camp campers reunite with their family during Visiting Weekend.
A mother reunites with her camper during North Star Camp's Visiting Day Weekend.
A group of campers sing a song during Visiting Weekend at North Star Camp.
A camper reunites with his grandparents at North Star Camp's Visiting Day Weekend.