North Star’s archery program provides campers a great opportunity to learn and improve their marksmanship skills in a fun and exciting way. Campers begin by learning the basics of shooting and, more importantly, range safety. We participate in the Camp Archery Association’s program, which sees campers working their way up the awards system. Beginners shoot at 10 to 15 yards, and progress to intermediate and advanced levels where they shoot for awards at greater distances. For the most experienced archers, this means attempting to receive their American Archer award at 50 yards.

Archers have the opportunity to use one of the many compound and recurve bows. We have an extensive selection of bows which allows all campers the chance to shoot with a bow that fits their comfort level. We moved the archery range to a new and improved site before the summer of 2016. The range can now accommodate up to 12 shooters at a time, doubling the capacity from the previous range.