The larger North Star philosophy places a premium on personal growth and the development of relationships. The North Star experience revolves around the cabin group and the individuals within. For most campers, this will be their first time away from home and living amongst their peers. The success of North Star has always been our ability to create a safe environment in which campers can feel comfortable, be themselves and develop meaningful relationships.This is at the root of everything we do: when we hire and train our staff, when we create our summer program, when we plan our special events, when we greet the kids as they arrive at camp, and when we say our tearful goodbyes on the last night. The result is that your child will receive an unmatched amount of individual attention from our staff and his cabinmates that will make his summer truly unforgettable.

Our program reflects an important part of North Star’s philosophy,  giving young people an opportunity to experience adventure in a friendly, noncompetitive pace away from the stresses of everyday life. The North Star program revolves around the concept of Achievement Based Programming, a method which sets up every camper for successful skill development and builds self confidence. Our instructional project periods are tailored to the levels of every individual camper, and their progress is measured only against themselves. This allows every camper to see their improvement and celebrate their successes in each of their instructional project periods. By recognizing and praising each camper for their tangible achievements, they graduate each program taking pride in their successes, and more confident from the process.

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