Friday Night Services

Every Friday night throughout the summer campers and staff head to the Council Ring for a Friday Night Service. The Council Ring is one of the most naturally beautiful locations in camp, setting the tone for a contemplative evening. Our services are not religious, but instead are an opportunity to further instill North Star values in the community. Services will have various themes throughout the summer, such as sportsmanship, character, conservation or being comfortable in your own skin. Campers enjoy sitting at the council ring and listening to songs or readings related to the week’s theme. We have a camper and counselor chorus each week, as well as a sermonette prepared by a staff member.

One of the staples of a Friday Night Service is the Keylog Ceremony. It is an opportunity for campers and staff to display their gratitude for someone who has helped them in any way, or just to thank someone for being a good friend. The Keylog Ceremony allows campers to publicly thank those they are grateful for and in the process gain a better understanding of the importance of gratitude.