Pow Wow Day

One of the highlights of the second session, Pow Day may be considered an equivalent of United Nations Day, which takes place during first session. We want to make sure that our four-week campers get to participate in one of these day long team events. There are big differences, though, and our eight week campers definitely see these two days as very different activities. On this day, the entire camp is split into four tribes, giving us the opportunity to recognize some of the Indian Tribes of North America.

Throughout the day campers will represent their tribe as they participate in events. Many of the events that make up Pow Wow Day differ from UN Day. Campers will participate in many of the usual sports, however they will also have compete in events like lacrosse, firebuilding and orienteering. The day also has lots of canoeing events as well as several craft events.

Capturing the sense of Pow Wow Day in a quick narrative doesn’t do the day justice.We know that our campers love this program and the spirit and energy that pervades North Star as campers participate in their events and cheer their teammates on will undoubtedly be a highlight of their summer.