United Nations Day

One of North Star’s traditional special programs, United Nations Day is one of the hallmark events each summer. Taking place during first session, United Nations Day is a full day event where the entire camp, both campers and staff are split into four nations. The day is split into four series of events and each filled with a wide variety of sports and other activities for campers to participate in. Some of the things campers participate in include football, table tennis, line soccer and sailing. One of the highlights is when the entire camp comes together in the middle of the day for running relays and team tug-o-wars.

What makes United Nations Day so great is the spirit and enthusiasm that comes out. The Day is really the culmination of a week long of build-up. Four captains per village are selected to represent their teams. Counselors select them based on the sportsmanship they display throughout the summer as well as the other leadership qualities that are valued at North Star. Campers participate in activities throughout the week and by the time UN Day arrives, everyone is geared up for a great day.