Quetico Provincial Park

The pinnacle of our tripping program is a 10-day trip to Quetico Provincial Park in Ontario, known to our campers as “The Canadian”.  For nine days, the campers will paddle the waters of Quetico Provincial Park, one of Ontario’s renowned canoeing and fishing areas. Paddlers come from all around to experience the park; however permits limit the number of people who are allowed in. This truly remote trip provides our campers a challenging trip that sees them canoe pristine lakes and portage their gear and canoes. The Canadian pushes campers to challenge themselves physically and mentally and ultimately, campers return from this trip with a new sense of self confidence and achievement.

This trip best exemplifies the importance of our tripping program as a team building and group bonding experience. As with all other trips, campers go on this trip with their bunk mates and counselors. It is a certainty that groups will emerge from this trip having worked together and developed a deeper and more meaningful bond. Experiences like this lead to friendships that last a lifetime and when the group returns to camp, they build off of those bonds as they spend the rest of the summer together. This is even more magnified when you have cabin groups that are together year after year and go on several trips together. When we hear from Alumni, they often share that the Canadian is not only one of their fondest memories from their camp experience, but from their entire childhood.