The Application Process

DSC_0230 (2)So you’ve made the decision that this seems like something you’d like to do. What’s next? We have a fairly straight forward application process. The first step is to fill out our application. The application helps give us a good idea about why you’re interested in working at North Star and also helps us assess what skills you bring to our program and qualities you bring to camp. Our application allows you to save the application, log out, and then come back later and complete it. We want you to give the application the time and energy it deserves so that it can give us a good idea about who you are.

Once we receive the application, you’ll be contacted by us to set up an interview. Most of these interviews will be via skype and also gives you the opportunity to learn more about North Star. Part of the application gives you the opportunity to provide us with references and past employers. After the interview, we will contact your references and along with the application and interview, they’ll help us make a decision about offering you a position. If you are offered a position, you will receive a copy of a contract along with other materials (via email).

We know that filling out an application and participating in the interview is not a guarantee on your part. What we do ask, however, that you communicate honestly with us. We have a limited number of positions to offer each summer and often times, once we offer someone a position, we will hold that position for them until they’ve made that decision. Once a staff member has agreed to accept our job offer, we see that as a firm commitment.