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Getting Camper Baggage to/From North Star Camp

Please review the following options for getting your camper’s baggage to & from Camp

All baggage should be labeled clearly with each camper’s name so it is delivered to the correct cabin upon arrival at camp. Families with multiple campers should use different duffels for each camper because they may not be in the same cabin.

There are a variety of options to get camper luggage to and from camp:

  • U-Haul for the Illinois & Wisconsin bus
    Campers traveling to camp from Chicagoland can bring their luggage to the bus pickup on the morning of departure day. North Star staff members will collect baggage and load it onto a U-Haul. On the return trip home, the U-Haul will arrive about an hour before the bus arrives so families can gather their luggage ahead of time. For Milwaukee & Madison families riding the bus, luggage will be loaded into the undercarriage of the bus both ways.
  • Checking Luggage On Flights
    Baggage can be checked on flights for campers flying to/from camp. If you are checking your camper’s bags, it’s important that you let them know to tell their staff chaperones that they need to pick up their bags in Minneapolis.

    Please note:
    any baggage fees incurred at the Minneapolis Airport upon return home will be added to your end-of-summer invoice. Refer to your airlines’ baggage fees (especially oversized/overweight fees) because checking luggage on flights may not be the most cost efficient way to get luggage to/from camp.

     For example, these are the Delta Airlines baggage fees for 2024: 

1st Bag: $302nd Bag: $403rd Bag: $150
Overweight Bags 51–70lbs: $100 per bag in addition to bag feeOverweight Bags 71–100lbs: $200 per bag in addition to bag fee
Oversized Bags 63” – 80” linear inches (LxWxH): $200 per bag in addition to bag fee and overweight fee (if applicable)Oversized bags larger than 80” linear inches (L+W+H) are not permitted
  • Minneapolis Airport Drop Off / Pick Up
    For campers being dropped off or picked up at the Minneapolis airport, baggage can be dropped off or picked up at the same time at the meeting point inside Terminal 1. Luggage will be loaded on the bus and brought to camp.
  • Shipping via Ship Camps
    Many of our families opt to ship their camper’s bags to camp. North Star has partnered with Ship Camps to offer preferential rates to ship luggage to camp (cheaper than retail FedEx or UPS prices). We highly recommend that any campers who are flying to camp utilize Ship Camps to help avoid luggage hassles at the airport when flying with duffels. Additionally, while cost is a concern for every family, the rates North Star has secured via Ship Camps are often cheaper than paying airline baggage fees.

    When signing up for Ship Camps, please use this direct link so North Star can track your camper’s luggage to/from camp and provide assistance as necessary.

Important Instructions For Shipping Luggage To Camp

Bags should be labeled as:

<Camper Name>
North Star Camp
10970 W Boys Camp Rd
Hayward, WI 54843

To ensure that the bags are delivered to the correct cabin, please make sure that your camper’s baggage is addressed with their name on the label. Our staff will sort luggage into camper cabins based on the name on the shipping label, so only camper names should be on the label.

For Families With Multiple Campers:
The Ship Camps portal will allow you to create separate entries on the same order for each of your campers. Please attach the correct label to the correct camper’s luggage so it is delivered to the correct cabin.

If you have more than one camper, please pack the duffels separately (i.e. do not mix your campers’ gear together). It is very likely that your campers will be in separate cabins, especially if they are in different grades.

Shipping Dates – To Camp

  • 1st Session and 8 Week Campers should schedule their bags to arrive to camp between June 10th – 14th
  • 2nd Session Campers should schedule their bags to arrive to camp between July 8th – 12th

Shipping Dates – To Home

  • 1st Session Campers should schedule their bags to be picked up on Friday, July 12th
  • 2nd Session and 8 Week Campers should schedule their bags to be picked up on Thursday, August 8th
A group of campers reunite on the first day of camp at North Star Camp For Boys for a summer of fun, friendships and memories.
A group of campers and staff smile inside their cabin at North Star Camp For Boys.
An inside look at one of the cabins at North Star Camp For Boys.
Four campers stand on the lakeshore at North Star Camp for Boys with their arms around each other looking out at Spider Lake as the sun sets.