We have a wide variety of summer positions available. Not every job at camp works directly with kids, so if you’re interested in spending your summer working in a fun, outdoor environment, a job at camp may be right for you. Whatever position you are interested in, however, you must be willing to live in a communal environment that puts kids first. We expect all staff to display child appropriate behavior.

Like any other work environment, we do have policies that we expect all staff to abide by. North Star is a completely tobacco and alcohol free environment. While people are on camp property, smoking and use of all other tobacco products is forbidden. We also expect staff to abide by the 21-year old drinking age while on time off. No staff members are allowed to consume alcohol while on camp property. Piercings other than ears must come out for the summer

If working in this environment seems like something you’re interested in, please take some time to learn about the different positions we offer: