Support Staff

staff1When people think of working at a camp, usually they think about the counselors, who work directly with the kids every day. There is a lot that goes into running a camp and to have a successful summer we need to hire great people to work in our kitchen, on our maintenance staff, and in other areas as well. If working at a camp sounds like fun, this may be the right job for you. While you will not be working directly with campers, everyone we hire needs to be willing to live in a communal environment, want to work as part of a team and also display behavior that is appropriate for a child centered environment. Here are some of the positions we offer:

– Kitchen Staff: Our kitchen staff is responsible for making three meals a day for approximately 250 individuals. We are looking for a wide variety of people to work in our kitchen. This includes experienced cooks, assistant cooks, and other kitchen helpers. The different positions require varying levels of experience but most importantly we are looking for people who are hard workers and are able to work well with others, in this team environment. Read the Kitchen Staff job description for more information.

– Maintenance: Our maintenance staff is responsible for the general upkeep of camp. This position is a mix of light construction work as well as general clean-up. On a typical day you will help clean our wash-houses, make sure that garbage cans around camp are emptied, perform basic landscape work and also help fix things that are in need of repair. This is a great opportunity if you’re looking for a “typical summer job” in a great, outdoor environment. Read the Maintenance Staff job description for more information.

-Housekeeping: Our housekeeping staff runs our on-site laundry facility at camp. With so many people in our camp community, there’s a lot of dirty clothes to clean throughout the summer! During the week, each of our cabins send their clothes to laundry to get cleaned and folded by our housekeepers. Additional responsibilities in this role will include light cleaning duties in cabins and buildings around camp. Read the Housekeeping Staff job description for more information.

– Driver: We have many trips out of camp and we hire a driver to help in driving responsibilities. We have a fleet of about 12 vehicles including several 15-passenger vans and our driver maintains our vehicles, keeping them clean, filled with gas, and in good condition. We are looking for someone with a clean driving record who is comfortable driving large vehicles, often with a trailer attached. You must be comfortable driving children and willing to drive up to six hours on certain days. The driver also is responsible for making regular trips into town to pick up items that are needed at camp. You do not need to be able to fix vehicles for this position. Read the Camp Driver job description for more information.

Salary for each position varies. In addition to salary, room and board is provided for the summer.